What We Do

Your long trusted cannabis processing solution is now providing a new range of staffing and placement services with one goal in mind: to help you save time, money, and resources so you can focus on running your business. We still offer exemplary trimming and processing but can also find you top talent, provide temporary or emergency staffing needs, and so so so much more! Let our team help you enrich your company culture, experience, and focus by providing you the best resource for people in Alaska!

Who We Are

We are a company that is based around trust, honesty, and integrity. We not only strive to better your business, but to enrich the lives of the people that help us get the job done. Here at Big Leaf, we have strong values that embody positive environments, hard work, and fairness, and believe these attributes carry on in all of the work we do. Whether we are dispatching our own crews or finding you your next best employee, let us share our experience with you and take the headache out of hiring.

What Sets Us Apart

We not only care about your business but the relationship we build with you and the employees. We provide top-quality workers, and the tools, training, and background knowledge to guarantee success for you and the recruits. Our hands-on and personalized approach creates a positive atmosphere which means better productivity, focus, creativity, and well being for your employees. We understand that sincere business practices produces sustainable, long lasting relationships that can benefit everyone involved for years to come. We are truly here to help you, your business, and our community in moving forward and achieving goals.


Resume Building

Are you looking for a job in the cannabis industry but don’t have much of resume? Our resume building team will help you create a resume that will exemplify your qualities, strengths and accomplishments while still being eye catching and professional. As an added benefit to our hands on approach to resume building, you will gain invaluable skills you can use for any job.

Handler's Application

If you get excited about cannabis, love working with plants, have an interest in gardening, retail, labwork, processing, or are simply hard working and curious, you'll need your handler's card. Don't worry, we can help!

Job Board

Check out available opportunities in your area right here! Simply click on a position that interests you to apply.


Harvest time is a BIG DEAL in the cannabis industry. There’s a ton of pressure on compliance and efficiency, but it’s also exciting to see the fruits of all your hard work. Our crews are experienced in recording plant Metric tags and waste weights. We harvest efficiently, keep you compliant, and prepare the plants for drying. Basically, we ease all the stressors of harvest, so you can enjoy the best parts. Getting paid! Our harvesting service can be coupled with trimming and processing for seamless billing.

Trimming and Processing
Our services range from trimming to packaging. We take down, buck down, trim, assemble prerolls, are trained to use the Futurola Knockbox, and package finished product. Our crews are professional, efficient, clean, and courteous. We pride ourselves in quality work and doing the job right the first time. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while, our crews have seen it all and can do it all.

Background Checks

Unlike other staffing companies, Big Leaf Alaska understands the special needs cannabis businesses require around information sensitivity and security. We provide nationwide background checks (they only run statewide background checks for Marijuana Handler Permits) for any candidate we vett. However, we are more than happy to offer theses checks ala carte for any of your existing or prospective employees.


Temporary Help
We wouldn’t be a staffing company without temporary help services! That’s not why we do it though. Whether you need extra hands for a big harvest or project, or have an employee going on leave, Big Leaf can cover it. You won’t skip a beat with us on your side!

Executive Recruitment
Humans are any company’s most valuable resource. Your employees are the vessels that carry and support your company’s mission, vision, and values. They help form your culture and propel you forward through integrity, dedication, and innovation. We know how important and delicate a task it is to bring a top level manager on. With our Executive Recruitment program, we will scour the country to find you the perfect fit.

Direct Hire

We of all people know how much time, energy, and effort goes into finding good employees. It can be challenging to run your business, deal with the day to day, and on top of it all, find new team members. Let us do what we do best by providing you that next great employee. We will handle the job posting, application process, interviewing, vetting, background checks, and more in order to provide you with top-quality and compatible candidates.

Training, Procedures Development and Consulting
Quite possibly one of the most important but most time consuming tasks associated with developing a company’s operations and human resources is in training and development. We can help create Standard Operating Procedures, training programs, forms and contracts, just to name a few. We have seasoned and experienced managers who are ready to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

Permanent Placement

Let’s face it, not every new employee will work out, which only costs you time and money. One of the many benefits of using our Permanent Placement service allows a trial period. If, for whatever reason, in the first 4 weeks, it’s not the right fit, no big deal. We have plenty of qualified candidates that are ready to work for you. We use a comprehensive vetting, interviewing, and hiring process to ensure best fit with your organization. Every new employee, regardless of position, requires an investment of time, money, and energy and Big Leaf helps make sure that investment is worth it.

Customer Portal

Have a job opening? Our job board is specific to cannabis industry jobs and is the perfect space to advertise your open position because it will be seen by candidates dedicated to working in the industry. Plus, we charge a fraction of those giant job boards like indeed and Craigslist.