What We Do

Big Leaf Alaska is Alaska's premier cannabis industry staffing and recruitment agency. We are really good at finding great employees and have years upon years of experience working in the cannabis industry. If you're looking for your next best-job-ever or your next best-employee-ever, Big Leaf is here to make those connections and help ensure the success of everyone involved. 

Who We Are

What is most important to the team at Big Leaf Alaska is that we truly value our community. Whether that be better access to legal cannabis, job opportunity, economic growth, or giving back through charitable donations, Big Leaf really cares about this place and the people in it which shows in everything we do. 

Resume Building

Are you looking for a job in the cannabis industry but don’t have much of a resume? Increase your chances of getting noticed by creating a professional and eye-catching resume. Here are some do's and don'ts our recruiters have compiled to serve as a guide. Big Leaf wants you to be successful in whatever you do, so if you want some extra help, just ask!

Marijuana Handler Permit

Alaska law requires anyone working for a cannabis business to have a Marijuana Handler Permit. You must have it before you can begin working at a marijuana establishment. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your card, so don't procrastinate! Click on the icon above to be taken to the Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit website and choose Big Leaf Alaska's MHP Express course for your required education course!

Cannabis Industry Jobs

The cannabis industry in Alaska is growing and Big Leaf Alaska is here to help you find your dream job. If working with plants, people, or cannabis is exciting to you, then take a chance and apply today! You might just land the best job you ever had. Click on the icon above to fill out an application or submit a resume. We can't wait to meet you!


Temporary Help
Whether you need extra hands to stay on top of back to back harvests, have an employee taking leave, or just know you needed someone yesterday, Big Leaf can fill your spot with a qualified individual fast. We offer simple, transparent, and affordable rates. Call us today and find out how easy it is to solve your hiring woes. 

Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement is by far Big Leaf's most popular service.  First impressions, while useful, aren't everything. Using our permanent placement service allows you to meet, work with, and get to know a new employee before deciding to keep them on board. Although rare, if that employee doesn't work out, Big Leaf will replace them with someone better efficiently and professionally.  

Executive Recruitment
Humans are any company’s most valuable resource. Your employees are the vessels that carry and support your company’s mission, vision, and values. They help form your culture and propel you forward through integrity, dedication, and innovation. We know how important and delicate a task it is to bring a top level manager on. With our Executive Recruitment program, we will scour the country to find you the perfect fit.

Recruitment and Direct Hire

Big Leaf has literally helped hundreds of awesome people gain meaningful employment in the cannabis industry. We have helped build teams, friendships, and top-level managers and know deeply what it takes to be a great employee, and what companies need in their most valuable resource. Use Big Leaf for your next hiring needs and find out just how great your next team member is.

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